I was born and raised in Lisbon, perhaps inspired by the beauty of this city that I’m still discover, sooner awakened in me a passion for photography.

The awareness of this “passion” was early and immediately worked for in my perspective there is only one way to evolve: to be demanding in everything that we propose to do. However, only the maturity and willingness to complete a personal achievement is the way to become a professional project.

As a professional project I see it as openly. Go through technical training, ongoing research by sharing with others without reservations or fears.

My inspiration? Taking pictures of an event, is to tell a story … As, who was not present, could understand the different moments, more ceremonious or more Relaxed, the environment created and lived and bond between people.

The recipe? In no particular order: creativity, technique, passion, focus, dedication, empathy, good disposition and with modesty … some tasteful.